ESI Safety Benefits

Why go the Soteris ESI Way?

Breadth & Diversity of Expertise

Soteris’ highly qualified consultants provide a unique combination of diverse skills, knowledge and experience across the fields of risk and safety sciences, ergonomics, psychology, and neuroscience. What does this mean for you? It means we are able to offer multiple perspectives in safety and risk management to ensure that you can achieve Zero Harm – Today and Tomorrow – and have the relevant skills and knowledge to sustain changes in your culture long beyond our collaboration with you.


Practical State-of-the-Art Programs & Tools

Soteris provides practical programs & tools such as ESI and The 5A’s to understand and apply state-of-the-art psychological and neuroscience principles relevant to improving safety performance by moving beyond Behaviour Based Safety and breaking through safety plateaus.


Focus on Relationships & Double Positive Cultures

We work hard at building lasting positive and collaborative relationships with our clients to ensure that your safety needs are met, and you and your people are protected. Through our solid relationships with clients and our diverse influence, we are able to ensure that our clients have the ability to implement an enduring, sustainable, and double positive safety culture. Safety is not just about legal compliance and corporate governance; it is also about people, their families and mateship. We work tirelessly to change the focus to safety mateship and safety conversations that accentuate safety as a double positive presence of wellbeing and NOT just the traditional double negative absence or prevention of harm.


Complexity, Reliability and Resilience

Soteris provides successful improvement and development programs that recognise and cater for the dynamic complexity of modern and varied workplaces. As a consequence, our focus is on reliable, resilient cultures and safety systems.


Resolution of Common Safety Ambiguities that Undermine Safety Culture

Soteris assists organisations in developing genuine beliefs, consistent safety language and communications to resolve latent ambiguities and disconnects which undermine safety culture transformation, such as:

  • Perceived contradictions between vision statements and actual behaviours;
  • Confusing Zero Harm objectives with Zero Risk;
  • Efficiency thoroughness trade-offs;
  • Interpretations of safe, at-risk and standard behaviours;
  • Apparent safety / productivity dilemmas; and
  • Differences between blame and fair & just accountability.


Emphasis on Engagement & Accountability of All Employees

Soteris emphasises strategies and programs that develop the necessary vision, knowledge, skills and competence for committed engagement of ALL leaders and individuals. The power of this is that every person and every leader across all levels of the organisation are held accountable for their safety performance in a consistent, fair and just way, building a strong positive safety culture.