Soteris Culture Transformation Process

The Soteris Culture Transformation Process is customised and designed to meet the needs of your organisation. Soteris works collaboratively with clients to develop your unique approach to safety management according to your own specific requirements. Our clients are able to choose a range of tools and assessments that suit their organisation and environment. Our process covers the life cycle of any transformation process and complements our ESI Safety Program. Our process has proven and sustainable efficacy to ensure that your transformation is a success.
  • Review & Needs Analysis

    Soteris uses proven science- and research-based measurement systems and approaches to gain a thorough insight into your current safety system and safety culture. We offer a range of confidential qualitative and quantitative assessment strategies to ensure that you obtain an accurate assessment of what is happening in your organisation. Our assessment strategies include formal climate surveys, culture surveys, pulse surveys, narrative-based interviews, focus groups, and criteria-based audits of safety culture and safety systems.

    Our Review and Needs Analysis options include:
    Review safety maturity and cultural status, including organisational values, vision, mission, and beliefs.
    Evaluate achievement in meeting past pre-set objectives and metrics.
    Assess conformance with internal and external standards.
    Benchmark individual and corporate performance.
    Undertake qualitative and quantitative surveys.
    Establish needs and objectives of next phase of continuous improvement.
  • Design & Planning
  • Developing Champions
  • Engaging & Implementing
  • Embedding
  • Sustaining
  • Review & Needs Analysis