Coaching Excellence

For powerful safety leaders

Strong and active leadership is at the heart of a sustainable positive safety culture. Leaders do not need to be in management positions; they can be anyone in a position of social influence who are willing advocates and role models of proactive safety behaviour. In order to harness the power of safety leaders at all levels organisations need to ensure that that their leaders have the knowledge, skills and personal style to drive this outcome. Coaching is a highly effective approach used for expanding safety leader competency in implementing, supporting and building a mature positive safety culture that works.

But what is coaching? Coaching is a bespoke development process between an individual and a coach geared toward empowering individuals and developing their skills and potential to successfully realise professional and organisational goals. Coaching assists safety leaders to identify their core personal styles and strengths, any barriers to performance, and how these factors impact their ability to lead their teams and achieve success in their roles. It helps to bridge gaps in knowledge and skill, while providing a platform for ‘bouncing ideas’ in a safe and confidential environment, with the end goal of becoming effective safety leaders.

The Soteris Coaching Excellence program forms one of the four critical elements of our ESI approach to safety management. Coaching Excellence helps your safety leaders to:

  1. coaching-1Build safety capability, knowledge and skills;
  2. Develop a clearer strategic safety perspective;
  3. Identify core personal and organisational safety values and attitudes;
  4. Have a clearer understanding and be accountable for their own safety actions and performance;
  5. Have a clearer understanding of their role in eliminating safety incidents;
  6. Improve their ability to lead teams to a positive safety culture.
  7. Improve their communication, interpersonal and engagement skills necessary in building a positive safety culture;
  8. Improve their professional relationships with all levels of the organisation to increase safety mateship;
  9. Have a clearer awareness of safety risks and how to resolve or overcome them;
  10. Be more responsive and proactive in dealing with safety and risk issues;
  11. Effectively deliver feedback to enhance certainty for employees;
  12. Improve their decision-making skills;
  13. Improve personal motivation in their role;
  14. Establish clearer plans and actions for safety culture; and
  15. Improved skills in managing change, expectations and standards for safety performance.


To assist you to achieve these outcomes, Soteris offers the following services:

  • Individual and small group coaching sessions to executives, supervisors
    and anyone interested in becoming a safety leader.
  • Training and mentoring to leaders who wish become active safety coaches.
    This can be an economical way to achieve a sustainable and strong safety culture.

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