Active Leaders

Active leadership. The heart of safety culture

Active LeadersA crucial component of any safety initiative is establishing strong and active leadership because a safe working environment starts at the top. The attitudes, decisions, beliefs, values and behaviours of your safety leaders are essential in setting expectations and standards for the safety behaviours of each and every member of the organisation. Leaders who demonstrate that their own and others safety matters communicate that each member of the organisation is valued. This not only builds morale and retains talent; it enhances trust, loyalty and open communication required for a positive climate and culture. If our leaders can’t demonstrate that they value safety, how can we expect our teams to?

The Soteris Active Leaders program is built on the foundation of psychological theories of leadership development combined with practical application on-the-job, drawing on our experience in safety and risk science and ergonomics.  Active Leaders is specifically focused on harnessing leadership capability to embed safety at every level of the organisation for sustainable change. We work with our clients to ensure that their safety leaders demonstrate a commitment to safety and successfully lead their teams to a sustainable positive safety culture.

The Soteris Active Leaders program can help you to build a strong positive safety culture through harnessing the capacity of your leaders to:
  Demonstrate a personal commitment and value of safety;
  Maintain a personal commitment to safety of self and others;
  Model positive safety attitudes, beliefs and actions;
  Exhibit genuine care and concern for employees;
  Build trust and effective communication pathways;
  Set transparent expectations for safety performance and hold people accountable;
  Assess and actively improve safety culture and climate; and
  Drive policy and procedure that is consistent with espoused values and principles.

To assist you to achieve these outcomes, Soteris offers the following services:
–  Training and skill development through our ESI Leaders Programs;
–  360 or 180 degree safety leadership surveys and feedback;
–  Safety leadership mentoring; and
–  Executive coaching (see our Coaching Excellence program).

Contact us to see how we can assist you in developing active and powerful safety leaders in your organisation.