Soteris are experts in the fields of safety and risk management, neuroscience, psychology, human factors and ergonomics. We combine our diverse experience and knowledge in these areas to provide proven, highly effective and sustainable safety solutions to organisations. Our strength is in harnessing engagement in every individual at every level of an organisation, building strong safety leadership and transforming safety cultures.

We are passionate about ensuring Zero Harm – Today and Tomorrow of each and every person.

To achieve this, Soteris utilises an integrated model that offers four distinct programs focusing on leader development, coaching, embedding strategies, and culture change and development. The guiding principle of the Soteris ESI approach is to build individual and collective responsibility in every person of the organisation for a truly sustainable safety culture.

Neuroscience, at the heart of positive safety culture

Neuroscience goes one-step further than traditional cognitive-behavioural, social, and affective theories of decision-making, motivation, risk perception, and risk taking in safety behaviour. While existing models of safety intervention focus on components of cognition and behaviour in shaping positive change to safety, neuroscience goes deeper into behaviour by exploring the various layers of the mind that are crucial to shaping and sustaining positive attitudes to, and belief in, safety.

The Soteris ESI approach allows an organisation to enhance and develop safety management tools that go beyond traditional Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) programs based on Antecedent-Behaviour-Consequence (ABC) and Skills Rules Knowledge (SRK) Models of behaviour without discarding the fundamental features of each approach that have proven to be effective in improving safety performance.

Culture by Design

At the heart of safety performance

The best safety program is one that is embedded into a positive safety culture. Soteris merges all the successful elements of your existing safety programs … and helps you add vital pieces that are missing. We assist you in turning your organisation into a high performance safety organisation. You will break through your safety plateau, by moving beyond behaviour based safety. The Soteris Culture by Design program offers practical tools and solutions for organisations tailored to your needs to achieve a strong positive safety culture and lasting safety performance.

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Active Leaders

The key to unleashing safety performance

We all know our leaders and champions are such a vital part of achieving safety. Soteris helps you develop active and powerful safety leaders at every level in your organisation. The Soteris Active Leaders program focuses on harnessing leadership capability to embed safety at every level of the organisation for sustainable change. We work with our clients to ensure that their safety leaders demonstrate a commitment to safety and have the skills to successfully lead their teams to a sustainable positive safety culture.

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Coaching Excellence

Supporting your safety leaders

From time to time, all leaders need some professional support and guidance. Soteris trains and guides your leaders to become the best they can be, and to be effective at supporting and coaching their colleagues and workers. The Soteris Coaching Excellence program builds strong capable safety leaders at each and every level to ensure that every member of your organisation champions, models and leads the safety cause. Our program ensures that your safety leaders develop the knowledge, skills and personal style necessary to drive and achieve this outcome.

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Safety without limits

Your safety program must be fully embedded if you are to achieve zero harm – today and tomorrow. Soteris has developed programs and strategies to ensure your positive safety culture is effective and enduring. The Soteris Infinity program, based on innovative and best practice research, is custom designed to assist your organisation achieve strong safety leadership and an embedded, sustainable positive safety culture. Our goal is to help your organisation develop the necessary skills and capability across all areas of safety performance to reduce any long-term reliance on us.

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ESI Safety Program Benefits

Soteris offers state-of-the-art safety programs and solutions with proven benefits to ensure that you achieve a strong performing, embedded and sustainable safety culture.